Historically, sexuality in almost all of its forms was taboo in most cultures.  These unenlightened attitudes usually result directly or indirectly in mental and/or physical fears and blockages that interrupt the natural energy flow that feeds the joy of life. Blockages can also manifest in those who continuously intellectualize or in those holding unrealistic high expectation of sex and sexuality.

Functional evidence of these blockages takes the form of erectile dysfunction, ejaculatio praecox (premature ejaculation), menstrual disorders, infections and other diseases of the genital area. Other non-physical symptoms include sexual apathy (libido disorder), inability to orgasm, pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) or experiencing a separation between body and emotions.

Process-oriented sex therapy provides appropriate methods that have a healing effect on the physical, mental and spiritual levels simultaneously. Therefore themes like love and care, closeness and acceptance, desire and passion play an integral part of the treatment.
Some questions that are usually addressed and resolved are:

> How can I improve my relationship?
> How can I enjoy my sex life more?
> How can I find out what really gives me pleasure?
> How can I feel even more pleasure and joy in life?
> How can I make my partnership livelier and more satisfying?
> How can I become one with my life energy?

Dealing with these issues leads to renewed and freely flowing sexual energy which then becomes a source of happiness, health and vitality. Using this new energy creatively allows one to live a more confident and fulfilling life.

"Your own healing will happen when you come back to yourself!"(Maggie Tapert, healer and sexpert)