what is...

Process oriented Sexual therapy offers effective methods and solutions for those that need assistance in finding a safe and empowering atmosphere to explore specific sexual issues or the more generally the goal of increasing sexual fulfillment - individually or in pairs.

The goal is for

> Mindful and purposeful observation of one's own sexuality
> Conscious perception of one's own sexual uniqueness
> Fully understanding own problems or areas for improvement
> Creative solutions for developing or improving sexuality
> Experiencing self-healing and attaining wholeness

My work is based on Clinical Sexology, uses procedures from systemic sexual therapy and incorporates old Tantric and Taoist Sexual knowledge. It also includes many aspects of the spiritual-physical and considers the male and female energies.
"Awake and at home in your body, heart and soul, you discover life’s deepest mysteries as you open all the gifts of being you. Learning to celebrate all that you are, your life becomes a treasure for you and everyone in it. This is THE ART OF BEING!" (Alan Lowen, Founder of The Art of Being®)