Couples counselling

A good relationship in a marriage or a partnership significantly affects our mental and physical wellbeing. We can learn to cultivate a relationship and to recognize crises in time and ways to master them and even to seek new ways if there is too little in common.

The demands and priorities of everyday life often means that little time is left to devote to one self or the partner and relationships soon suffer from miscommunication and misunderstandings. One feels misunderstood or not listened to. Miscommunication is the leading cause of separation and divorce.

Systemic couples counselling supports you to find your way out of a relationship crisis and to develop skills and ways to cope that suit you and your specific life situation. In a moderated discussion, couples have the opportunity to open up to each other more easily, to know what the other is thinking and actually feels and what solutions are possible.

When is it sensible to undertake couples counselling?

> If the relationship needs new impetus
> The relationship is in crisis
> Physical intimacy and sexual contact barely exists
> Decisions on important life issues are pending (such as marriage, children, change of residence, separation, etc.)

What you learn in a couples counselling?

> To recognize one's own needs, to respect those needs and to express them honestly
> Listen and consider the partner's needs with respect
> To face disagreement or conflict situations well including how to communicate one's feelings and how to seek an understanding with the partner
> To develop common life visions and try new steps

I will support you to find again the love and care in your relationship.

Couples Counselling:
90 Minutes | Price: 260 CHF