Sexual counselling and coaching

When it comes to sexuality, there are still many uncertainties, problems and taboos. To give you the best advice, I work with different methods that go beyond the range of traditional sex counselling. The treatment offered includes solution- and resource-oriented discussions and selected forms of body work that match your theme and your individual needs and desires.

Our sessions are geared for you to find clarity and new impetus to your issues. I support you in recognizing unproductive and repeating patterns, help you find your own solutions that suit you and actively strengthen yourself-expression. I work with you using systemic and person-centered counselling including methods like "The work of Byron Katie" and nonviolent communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

Topics may include:

How can I solve my sexual problems/disorders?
These can range from impotence and apathy, pain and discomfort, premature ejaculation, inability to reach orgasm, birth and menopause and/or age to disease.

How can I enrich my sexuality?
Solutions can be from using dreams and fantasies, masturbation and toys, self-awareness and self-knowledge, shame and courage, stress and peer pressure, pleasure and pain to enhancing the personal desire profile in other ways.

How can I make my love relationship better?
Discussions can include subjects from freedom and love, loyalty and infidelity,  sexual differences and similarities, playing and trying out new things, sex and eroticism, male and female behavior patterns to openness and exchange.

You will find at Onvana a protected, encouraging and respectful setting for your sexual issues. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Single Consultation: 60 Minutes | Price: 140 CHF | 90 Minutes | Price: 210 CHF
Couple Consultation: 90 Minutes | Price: 260 CHF

Telephone based Consultation

I also offer telephone consultations or consultations via Skype. For such consultation, please send me a request for an appointment. you can transfer the costs in advance to my bank account or pay per paypal.

Telephone consultation: 30 Minutes | Price: 70 CHF
                                        Each additional 15 Minutes + 35 CHF