Human sexuality is one of the most beautiful and precious gifts of nature, a source of vital life energy and an integral part of affirmation of human love. Healthy and thriving attitude to sexuality is also key to success and happiness.

As a sex, couples, and body therapist, my mission is to encourage, assist and guide you on your way to a fulfilling sex life using various techniques and elements including those from Clinical Sexology body of work.

My approach is grounded in the science of sexuality and provides process and action oriented tailored counselling for individuals and couples. The goal is to lead and facilitate you along to understand, grow and manage any sexual issues. At our disposal are many techniques including those used in Tantric and Taoist sexual teachings to conscious and purposeful self-examination of own thoughts and values leading to awareness of thoughts, actions and motivations.

Healing massages, sexological bodywork, meditation evenings, lectures and seminars on selected topics such as "How to be a Sensual Woman" or "Female Ejaculation" support the process.

Looking forward to accompany you on your journey.
Marion Heine


"Onvana" is an ancient goddess of protection and beauty whose wisdom guides my work to strengthen and enhance the vital life energies.

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How to find me:

onvana | Prozessorientierte Sexualtherapie
Marion Heine | Frobenstrasse 65 | CH-4053 Basel
Phone +41 61 599 34 95
Mobile +41 76 230 40 33

Opening Times:

Mo - Fr 10 am - 9 pm

Sa, So on request



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